Brought to you by the makers of Iope, Style 71 is a luxury cosmetic brand bringing sparkles to all their products literally. With crystals embossed on the cap the lip tint you carry would be one of the prettiest make up accessory you can have. The colors are long lasting, moisturizing, and pigmented. Can double apply to get a stronger color or if you like the natural korean look, one swap is enough.

The brand of Miart, STYLE71 is the world’s first jewelry cosmetic brand and it was launched for satisfied the beauty of 7.1 billion people in the world. The brand has various designs that make unique all their cosmetics. Each product has uniqueness that makes them highly collectible. With so many different designs, be sure there is always the perfect style for each person. Adding luxury, beauty and style to your cosmetics collection.


STYLE71 is the world’s first jewelry cosmetic brand! 100% Handmade in KOREA!

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Luxury Cosmetics

One of South Korea’s most innovative cosmetic brands in the market. Its products are as luxurious as they’re beautiful. With innovative ingredients, cutting-edge technologies and jewelry design packaging, this brand is taking over the world just by it looks and quality. In a world were beauty is all around, there is no reason why your cosmetics shouldn’t look the same.

 Product Categories
  • Cushions
  • Essence
  • Lipsticks
  • Lip Tints
  • Eye Shadows

STYLE71 Best Sellers

Take a look of the STYLE71’s Top sellers of the moment!

Mist Cover Luxury Cushion


Light cushion has plenty of abundant components which protect the skin’s original beauty.

Jewelry Velvet Lipstick


Velvety texture semi matt lipstick with trendy style and soft touch without stiffness.

Jewelry Creamy Lip Tint


Creamy Lip Tint, with tender, deep, sensational and rich color formation.

Oil Capsules Essence Pact


Coverage, moisture, and nutrition care all in 1 with Oil Capsules Essence Pact.

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