MeFactory is a skin care brand focused specially on the face pores care. Their signature product “3-Steps Collagen Pig Nose Pack Pore Cleansing Strips” became a people’s favorite just a few days after it was released on February 2015, achieving sales of 19 sheets per minute on 2016.

The products contain”pig collagen,”which is excellent in skin acceptance, making it effective in a clean sebum removal, maintaining a smooth skin, and supplying moisture to the skin. (The  3-step Piggy Nose Pack contains pig collagen in all steps)

It adopts the brand’s vision and belief as its new brand concept under the conviction that its beauty culture will become a new center for beauty where customers themselves become a creator of new beauty.

It is an emerging leading global cosmetic brand with a mission to inspire and help you with all your skin care routine to bring your inner beauty and confidence out. It is all about youthful lifestyles resulting in healthy and joyful beauty that shines through renewed skin and radiant glow. It is committed to improving and perfecting the skin through tireless research and ethical skin care principles.

It aims to be the premier source of skincare with its high-quality products packed with pig collagen and other ingredients. Their products line has increased to Foil masks and Mists in the year 2017, expecting to expand the share in the nose pack market through steadily increasingly the sales and expanding the target market.

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The famous Piggy pore care brand

Without doubt one of South Korea’s most popular exports after been introduced to the global market in the “2016 Shanghai New International Expo Centre” , its products are as brilliant as they’re adorable. With innovative products, creative marketing and a cute packaging, all its products are a must try for all the skin care followers. This is an amazing new brand gaining fame for its incredible products. So if you are one of the few that still didn’t try the amazing products from MeFactory , we invite you to give them a try and find out why millions are addicted to all its innovative products, you wont regret it.

Product Categories
  • Skin Care
  • Cleansing/Pack/Massage
  • Mists
  • Pore cleaning

MEFACTORY Best Sellers

Take a look of the MEFACTORY’s Top sellers of the moment!

3 step pig nose pack


An adorable nose pack which systematically removes the skin residue and blackheads through a 3 step care.



WHITE FLOWER FOIL MASK, the most pure beauty which the court ladies in Joseon transmit from the Joseon Dynasty period.

Four Season UV Watery Essence


Hydrating sunscreen with light texture and Four Season’ formula ensures that your skin will stay moisturized and protected.

Body Holic Body Mist


EXPERIENCE MAGIC OF SCENT! Perfumed mist includes best scientifically proven ingredient for skin soothing.

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