Candy O'Lady

Candy O’ Lady is like a sweet little desert in the special moment of our life.  Our goal is to make the sweet cosmetics, and deserts that makes you beauty.

With the quality / safety control from the our own research lab in the Plastic surgery hospital,  with the unique design and development from the skillful make-up artists, we can  provide an optimized and upgraded skincare products that makes your skin

7 Different concepts Candy Mask !

With the base of the fulfilled moisturizing features,  each candy mask has Whitening, Softening, Brightening, Calming, Detox, Nutrition, Elasticity functions which can enhance the texture  and gives protection of our face. Everyday.

Compact package with the paper like unique design gives convenient  and joyful moment while we are suing it, and  sweet candy like scent makes enjoyable time during the skincare.

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Candy O’Lady

Makes your sweet dream come true!

Without doubt one of South Korea’s cutest exports, its products are as brilliant as they’re adorable. With innovative ingredients, cutting-edge technologies and the cutest packaging, this is chic skin care brand will fulfill all your skin care necessities. So whether you crave a flawless complexion (opt for ‘Candy Masks’), to moisturize you face (choose ‘Mists’) or to clean your skin with a a trendy cleanser, Candy O’Lady has the best products for you.

Product Categories
  • Skin Care
  • Mask Pack
  • Cleansing
  • Mists

Candy O’Lady Best Sellers

Take a look of the Candy O’Lady’s Top sellers of the moment!

One Week Candy Mask Package

Candy O'Lady

Set of sweet little pouches with the fulfilled essence which provide skin with moisture and beauty!

Candy Crush Cleanser

Candy O'Lady

Hypo-allergenic cleanser that penetrate and wash off skin waste with cute dispenser and portable container.

Chewy Jelly Cleanser

Candy O'Lady

Cleanser that consists of Collagen beads and jelly texture provides elasticity and softness to skin.

Candy Ade Mist

Candy O'Lady

Moisturizing mist with sweet fresh grape-fruit scent gives therapeutic effect of calming to skin.

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