Hair & Body Care


Take your beauty routine to the next level

Hair Care is still a mere drop in the large and varied bucket that is K-Beauty. Discover the latest market trends and uncover sources of future market growth for the Hair Care industry in South Korea.

K-Beauty mostly reigns in the skincare department due to its innovative products and practices. But as far as Korean Hair Care goes, it’s largely unexplored territory for most people outside Korea. The apple doesn’t fall entirely too far from that tree so you’ll find that lots of Korean hair treatments and trends are directly related to some of their more popular skincare trends.

Got the glowing complexion perfected? Now it’s time to make sure everything below the chin is just as flawless. From lotions to body oils to mists, this batch of best-in-class Asian Body Care is just as inventive and effective as the rest of their beauty products. So prepare to get primped from hands to heels—and everywhere in between.

Take care of your gorgeous skin and keep it smooth and hydrated. Our Body Care products will help you give your skin everything it needs – from nourishing Shea to intensely hydrating Hemp – we’ve got something to give your body the moisture fix it needs.

When it comes to taking beauty seriously, Asian women don’t stop at their skin: they make sure their locks are treated just as lovingly. Take your Hair&Body Care routine to the next level with this expertly curated assortment, featuring the ingredient innovation and premium quality you’ve come to expect from Asia’s leading beauty brands.


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