Aroma Story products have been developed through continuous testing and research with tie-up physical therapy centers of many hospitals, health spas and fitness facilities. This is a cosmedical brand designed to restore your original skin condition within a short time and both to moisturize and treat cold hands & feet and tired body common in modern people, using temperature change.

Aroma Story has been distributed through hospitals in Korea and gradually became popular among medical specialists and patients through word-of-mouth. Then, the brand became known and used by consumers as well as patients as it expanded into the beauty market.

You can feel powerful moisture supply and temperature change as the patented ingredients are deeply absorbed into the epidermis up to the dermis using geranium and peppermint oil to cure stress and disease

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Angelisme is one of a kind product. Was born as a medical solution, however because of its success and great results, consumers demanded the product to be available in the beauty market. With top-edge ingredients, the results of its products can be noticed form the first time . All its products provide abundant nourishing nutrients and moisture for your hands and feet. Beauty and Health.

Product Categories
  • Hand Heat Pack
  • Foot Heat Pack
  • Hand Cool Pack
  • Foot Cool Pack

Angelisme Best Sellers

Take a look of the Angelisme’s Top sellers of the moment!

Heating foot mask


Angelisme soft foot pack keeps your feet warm and provides moisture and nourishments to dry and chapped feet.

Heating Hand Mask


Moisture Heating Hand Mask Pack helps moisturize hands as it removes dead cells and provides nutrition to the skin.

Cooling Hand Mask


Hand Mask with cooling effect that provides abundant nourishing nutrients and moisture.

Cooling Foot Mask


Mask pack helps moisturize and refresh feet as it removes dead cells and provides softness to the skin.

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