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About Us

Denka is a global distributor of a wide range of beauty and lifestyle products from Korea. We are committed to bringing to you the best quality and trendy products of Korean cosmetics, including makeup, skin care products, hair and body care, beauty accessories & the list goes on!

From our close relations with several brands, we have access to factory direct sourcing positions for most of the big brands in the Korean beauty market. At the same time, we purchase some products from authorized brand representative agents, in order to offer a wide range of products to all our customers at competitive prices.

We take care of your business

All orders are carefully handled by our well trained staff and delivered in a secure manner to get it to you in the most efficient way, shipped directly from our warehouse in Korea. We do our best to make all logistics as easy as they can be, so you just focus on your business.

Everyday our team research and updates new products to ensure that our inventory satisfies all our customers’ interests and goals. We bring the latest beauty trends to you. Offering the newest products available in the local market. Don’t forget to sign up to receive or monthly newsletter.

Korean cosmetics are not only formulated with natural ingredients, most of them are non-animal tested as well, therefore considered as ethical and eco-friendly products. Highest quality is a must in any Korean beauty product.
Ancient Korean recipes handed down for generations have been combined with state-of-the-art technologies to create gentle and unique products. Korean skincare concentrates on prevention and perfection, rather than masking imperfections. A brilliant complexion comes from hydrated and nourished skin, which Korean beauty has down to a science.
For the most part, it mostly reigns in the skincare department due to its innovative products and practices. But as far as Korean hair care goes, it’s largely unexplored territory in the Western hem. The apple doesn’t fall entirely too far from that tree so you’ll find that lots of Korean hair treatments and trends are directly related to some of their more popular skincare trends.
We introduce humorous new ideas and attractive products of Korea to global customers.

Our brands

We supply over 50 different brands with more than 3,000 different kinds of beauty products for you to select from. We only offer the best cosmetic products that are 100% authorized and backed by their brands, which means they are real, safe, and certified by the manufacturers.

Denka offers quality brands at affordable prices, all carefully selected. From our wide range of products, customers should be able to find all beauty and lifestyle items that best fit their personal and business needs.

Customer Service

Our experienced and dedicated customer service team ensures that our clients enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience. Our team pledges to provide superior support before, during, and after the shopping process, and to deliver the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Want to know more or have any questions? Contact us right away. We are always there to help you promptly and in the best way we can. One of our agents will get in touch with you as soon as possible to talk about how we can help you out.

Our Brands


It’s great to finally find a company that cares not only on the products they offer, but also in keeping its clients informed and updated with new trends and products. Their amazing customer service allows me to focus completely on my business.

Maria Stepanova

Director, Top Mall